Started in 1994.

In 1983, just a little while before she passed, Slavka Denev donated her family home at 18 Shipka Str., in Sofia, and all movables within, to the Union of Bulgarian Artists, including a priceless collection of hers and her fatherʼs works, comprising more than 900 paintings and more than 7,000 drawings and sketches. As of 1994, the Managing Council of the UBA entrusted the collection to the Support of Art in Bulgaria foundation to manage and conserve. In the 1994 – 1997 period, by initiative of artist Georgy Trifonov, Chair of the SAB, some 300 paintings from the collection were restored and a museum exposition was set up at the 18 Shipka Str. The process of restoration continued through the following years. In 2009, a long-term agreement was concluded with the National Academy of Art and students from the “Conservation and Restoration” faculty, tutored by Prof. Stefan Belishky and Ass. Prof. Silvia Varadinova and more that 70 paintings and drawings of the priceless heritage have been restored since.