The Support of Art in Bulgaria Foundation

About the Foundation

The Support of Art in Bulgaria Foundation was established in November, 2008 and, as of 2009, it embarked on activities то provide support for Bulgarian visual arts by bringing together charitable, contributory, creative and other similar initiatives of public, governmental and private organizations, physical, and legal persons related to the fine arts or in support of Bulgarian artists, art critics and art restorers.

In order to achieve its main goals, the Foundation has been working towards:

  • providing support for the professional activities of artists of all generations, with special focus on young visual artists beginning of their artistic careers;
  • preserving, documenting and socializing of Bulgarian cultural heritage;
  • publishing of printed materials and digital catalogs, books, compilations etc., related to the history and development of Bulgarian visual arts;
  • cooperation and joint activities with similar Bulgarian and international organizations, international exchange and building of partner networks; 
  • pro-active involvement in both virtual and public environments intended to develop audiences and attract new groups, resorting to both classical forms of presentation and state-of-the-art models, proven in European and world context.


Board of Trustees

The Support for Art in Bulgaria foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees, as follows: Lyuben Genov, Ivailo Dzhenev, Anton Staykov, Stanislav Pamukchiev, Olimpia Daniel, Dolores Dilova, Cvyatko Ostoich,  Elena Panayotova, Delya Chausheva, Momchil Mirchev, Cvetoslav Christov, Bogomil Zhivkov, Tonya Goranova, Slav Nedev, Plamen V. Petrov, Radoslav Simeonov, Evgeni Nedev; and a Coincil of the Foundation: Dolores Dilova, Chair; Philip Zidarov, Deputy-Chair; and members: Alexander Radoslavov, Stefan Bozhkov and  Christo Charalampiev.


team: Dolores Dilova, Chair

Mariela Yanakieva, Coordinator


6 Shipka Str.,

Sofia 1504

phone: 02 846 73 53, 0888 12 42 90