Лични данни и образование

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, 1952.
Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia.

Избрани самостоятелни изложби

Solo Exhibition (Illustrations, Cartoons and Ex Llibris) – University “Sv. Climent Ohridski” – Sofia, 2011,
Solo Exhibition (Illustrations, Cartoons and Ex Llibris) – Municipal Library – Sofia, 2012,
Solo Exhibition (Satirical Illustrations, Cartoons) - House of Humor and Satire - Gabrovo, 2016

Професионален статус

Working as illustrator, graphic and book designer.
National and International prizes for illustrations, design of postage stamps, graphic humor, ex libris.
The most important of them:
for Illustrations: Plaque “Golden Pen” International Biennial of Illustration – Belgrade, 1992;
for Cartoon: 1st prize “Hermes de Barakaldo” - Spain, 2005; 3rd prize “Jaka Bede” – Poland, 2007; Bronze medal – 8-th FCW – China, 2009; Prize “Master”- International Biennial “Master of Caricature”- Plovdiv (Bulgaria, 2011); Honorable Mentions – Smehanapa (Russia, 2010), Fun in Vassilivka Style (Ukraine, 2011), Newspaper Novie Izvestia (Russia, 2012),”Salt and Pepper” magazine (Romania, 2012, 2016), Special Certificate – Teapot Cartoon (Turkey, 2013) Annual Prize of the House of Humor and Satire - Gabrovo (Bulgaria, 2016);
for Ex Libris: Honorable Mentions: International Ex Libris Competition – Belgrade, Serbia, 2007, International Ex Libris Competitions – Ruse, Bulgaria - 2010, 2011, International Ex Libris Competition – Contratalla (Spain) - 2015;
“Excellent Ex Libris”- Guangzhou, China – 2014,
Second Prize - Istanbul, Turkey - 2018