Лични данни и образование

Born in 1972 in Voronezh, Russia.
Graduated from the Voronezh School of Fine Art as a designer.
Currently lives and works in Nantes (France).

Избрани самостоятелни изложби

2015 - Belgrade (Serbia), «Galerija 73», personal exhibition.
2014 - Plovdiv, museum - gallery «Balabanov house», personal exhibition.
2012 - Sofia, gallery «Bulgaria», personal exhibition.
2011 - Zagreb (Croatia), French media library, personal exhibition.

Избрани общи и колективни изложби

2015 - Sofia, gallery of UBA, collective exhibition of UBA's members.
2015 - Sofia, gallery «Bulgaria», collective exhibition.
2014 - Sofia, participation in the art project of Bulgarian National Radio « Bridges to the future ».
2014 - Bourgas, gallery «Petko Zadgorski», VI Biennale of the contomporary art bulgare.
2014 - Sofia, gallery «MAKTA», common exhibition with Reni Haim.
2013 - Sofia, gallery «Paris / Моscou», collective exhibition.
2013 - Sofia, gallery «Аrtur», common exhibition with Maria Eva Bitchakdjian.
2012 - Sofia, Russian Cultural Centre, collective exhibition «Russian artists in Bulgaria»
2010 - Zagreb (Croatia), gallery «Kopjar», collective exhibition.
2009 - Bretteville (France), «Autumn Art Salon», collective exhibition.
2007 - Nantes (France), Regional Cultural Centre, collective exhibition.

Произведенията на автора се намират в

The museum - gallery «Balabanov house» in Plovdiv, as well as private collections in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Croatia and Serbia.

Професионален статус

A freelance painter.