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Лични данни и образование

Graduates MFA Painting (1970 – 1975) at “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo under the supervision of Prof. Yanaki Manasiev.
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA) section “Painting” since 1985.
Artist in residence at Cité internationale des arts in 1991.
Since 1982 works as a curator at “George Papazov” Art Gallery, Yambol, responsible for “Painting”, “Graphic arts” and “International art” collections and departments.
Director of “George Papazov” Art Gallery, Yambol (2006 – 2012).

Избрани самостоятелни изложби

2020 “A Sense of Place” – “Shipka 6” Gallery/Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia
2019 Stoychev Art Gallery, Yambol
2018 “Unfamiliar Place” – Art Gallery “Burgas,” Burgas
2016 “Opposition” – “Raiko Aleksiev” Gallery, Sofia
2014 Art Gallery “Burgas,” Burgas
2013 “Dedication” – State Puppet Theatre, Yambol
2013 “Perception of Place” – “Yordan Kuyvliev” Gallery, Sliven
2012 “Intermediate Space” – “Shipka 6” Gallery/Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia
2010 “Autobiographically” – “George Papazov” Gallery, Yambol
2010 City Art Gallery Sozopol
2009 “AREAL” – National Art Gallery, Sofia
2007 Art Hall “Tundzha,” Yambol
2006 Express Bank, Yambol
2006 “Kiril Krastev” Gallery, Yambol
2003 “George Papazov” Gallery, Yambol
2002 Regional Administration Centre, Yambol
2001 “Tsar Osvoboditel” Gallery, Sofia
2000 “Kiril Krastev” Gallery, Yambol
2000 “Alexandrovska” Gallery, Burgas
1999 Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Budapest, Hungary
1999 Hebros Bank, Yambol
1998 “Kiril Krastev” Gallery, Yambol
1998 National Autumn Exhibitions, Plovdiv
1997 Fougères, France
1996 “Ata Rai” Gallery and Sheraton, Sofia
1996 “G. S. Rakovski” Library, Yambol
1996 “Kiril Krastev” Gallery, Yambol
1994 “BonArt” Gallery, Sofia
1993 “George Papazov” Gallery, Yambol
1992 Architects House, Sofia
1991 Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France
1990 Caen, France
1990 Rennes, France
1988 “Grotesque” Theatre, Krakow, Poland
1987 Cultural House, Yambol
1987 “Ruski 6” Gallery, Sofia
1985 “AMH – Rakovski 108” Gallery, Sofia

Избрани общи и колективни изложби

2014 International Painting Plein Air “Pathways” Veliko Tarnovo
2013 International Painting Plein Air, Aprilci
2012 International Painting Plein Air, Stara Zagora
2012 Painting Plein Air “Ilindenci”
2011 International Painting Plein Air “Bozhenci”
2010 International Painting Plein Air “The Singer of Tundzha”
2010 International Painting Plein Air, Malko Tarnovo
2008 Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Prague, Czechia
2008 “Petko Zadgorski” Gallery, Burgas
2007 National Plein Air “Kabile”
2006 Balkan Plein Air “Yanitsa” Elhovo
2006 International Painting Plein Air, Malko Tarnovo
2006 “Bogoridi” Gallery, Burgas
2005 International Symposium “Rositsa,” Pavlikeni
2004 National Plein Air “Kabile”
2003 International Painting Plein Air, Stara Zagora
1997 International Plein Air “Old Plovdiv,” Plovdiv
1996 International Triennial of Painting, Sofia
1995 Zheravna Gallery
1994 Clamecy, France
1993 Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria
1992 Clamecy, France
1991 Clamecy, France
1990 Torino, Italy
1989 National Palace of Culture, Sofia

Произведенията на автора се намират в

Nedelcheva’s paintings are in possession of: National Art Gallery – Sofia, “Petko Zadgorski” Gallery – Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo Art Gallery, Stara Zagora Art Gallery, Turgovishte Art Gallery, “George Papazov” Gallery – Yambol, as well as private collections in France, Italy, Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Bulgaria.

Професионален статус


2017 National Award for Contemporary Painting Triennial of Painting “Bridges” – “Hristo Tsokev” Gallery, Gabrovo
2010 “George Papazov” Award – City Council Yambol
2009 Award for Painting – Allianz Bulgaria
2005 Golden Coat of Arms – Yambol
2000 “Radi Ivanov Kolessov” – Golden
1988 Grand Annual Award for Art – Regional Council of Culture

Since 1976 Nedelcheva has been an active participant in national and thematic exhibitions organized by the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA).

Member of Arts Council – UBA Yambol (1985 – 1990).

President of the Society of Artist, Yambol (1999 – 2003). In this period have been organized more than 50 exhibitions at “Kiril Krastev” Gallery – Yambol, “Bogoridi” Gallery Burgas, “Bayer” Gallery – Stara Zagora, “Southern Bulgarian Artists” – Plovdiv.

Curator of the project “Abstract Projections: In the Steps of George Papazov” won funding from National Culture Fund – Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria in 2002. Released exhibitions include: “Abstract Projections” in “Gerorge Papazov” Gallery, Yambol (2002, 2004, 2006, 2009); Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Moscow, Russia (2005); Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Prague, Czechia (2008).

Curator of Annual National Painting Plein Air “Kabile” at National Archeological Reserve (since 2004). Curator of International Painting Plein Air “The Singer of Tundzha” (2009).