Лични данни и образование

1958 - Born on December 6-th , in the town of Ruse , Bulgaria
1986 - Graduated Nickolai Pavlovitch Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, subject - Art of Painting, under the guidance of Academician Svetlin Rusev

Избрани самостоятелни изложби

1987-89 - Four one-man exhibitions in Ruse, Bulgaria
1991-92-93 - One-man exhibition in UNICAT Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria
1992,Sept. - One-man exhibition in Cite Internationale des Arts , Paris , France
1994 - One-man exhibition in LOMI Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria
1994,March - One-man exhibition in IN SIGHT Gallery in Austin , Texas , Honorary citizen of the city of Austin and Honorary Texan
1994,Oct. - One-man exhibition in Sparkasse , Hechingen , Germany
1997 - One-man exhibition in Gallery M – Ruse, Bulgaria
1998,July - One-man exhibition in GALERIE NOT , London , Great Britain
1998,Aug. - One-man exhibition in the CONINGSBY Gallery , London , Great Britain
1999,May - One-man exhibition in SHIPKA Gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria
1999,June - One-man exhibition in ATA RAI Gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria
2000,Dec. - One-man exhibition in Galerie ART ABOVE ALL , Leiden , Holland
2001, 04,05 - One-Man exhibition in "Stichting B93" - Enschede , Netherland
2001,Nov. - One-man exhibition in Fischladen Gallery , Gronau , Germany
2002,March - One-man exhibition in Ruse , Bulgaria
2002,June - One-man exhibition in GALERIE ILIEV in Cologne , Germany
2003,Dec. - One-man exhibition in Bulgarian Institute of Culture in Budapest, Hungary
2005,April - One-man exhibition in Gallery Borisova 6, Ruse, Bulgaria
2007 Nov - One-man exhibition in GALERIE 1901, Sneek, Netherland
2010,May - One-man exhibition "Sunny Gardens", Ruse, Bulgaria
11.02.2011 - One-man exhibition drawings "Mirrored" in Gallery Friends, Ruse, Bulgaria
2011, March - One-man exhibition "Revival" in Gallery Friends, Ruse, Bulgaria
2011,Sept. - One-man exhibition in gallery Wegert & Sadocco, Winkel, Netherland
2012 May - One-man exhibition in GALERIE 1901, Sneek, Netherland

Избрани общи и колективни изложби

1986 - Participation in the Ninth International Biennale - Sports in the Art in Barcelona , Spain
1986 - Participation in Bulgarian Exhibition of Painting , Holland , Martinus Nighoff Gallery
1987 - Participation in Bulgarian Exhibition of Painting in Montreal , Canada
1989 - Participation in Bulgarian Exhibition of Painting in Lisbon , Portugal
1987 - Participation in Ecology Exhibition in Ruse, Bulgaria
1988 - Called Spring Project in Ruse, Bulgaria
1989 - Pictorial Performance in Targovishte, Bulgaria
1989 - Earth and Sky Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria
1993 - Participation in exhibition in LOTUS Gallery in Vienna , Austria
1994,Oct. - Participation in exhibition in NELI Gallery in Chicago , IL , USA
1996 - Participation in International Trennial of Painting in Sofia'96, Bulgaria
1998,March - Participation in Music in Materials Exhibition in Ruse, Bulgaria
1998,May - Participation in Salon DE SAINT-OUEN , Paris , France
1998,June - Participation in Bulgarian Exhibition of Painting , Koblenz Handwerkskammer, Germany
2001 - Participation in Art Exhibition in GALERIE ILIEV in Cologne , Germany
2006,Sept - Project “Rock Birds”, Natural Park “Rusenski Lom”, Bulgaria
2008 Oct - Participation in Art Exhibition in Kunsthuis Oudewater, Oudewater, Netherland

Произведенията на автора се намират в

Creations of his are property of the National Art Gallery of Bulgaria, the City galleries of Targovishte, Pernik, Ruse, Vidin, United Bulgarian Bank, City Hospital Ruse, Bulgaria and private collections in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Belgium, France, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Norway, Hungary, Poland, etc.

Професионален статус

From 2002 Professor and lecturer in Free Drawing subject, studied at Industrial Design Department of Ruse University