The International Triennial of Graphic Arts - Sofia is a forum presenting current trends and achievements in modern graphic arts. Being an event with a 29-year history, the Triennial is among the significant international platforms in the field of visual arts, thanks to which thousands of graphic works by authors from over 40 countries around the world have been shown in Bulgaria.


I. Organizers

1. Lead Organizer
Union of Bulgarian Artists, Print and Illustration Section,
Address: 6 Shipka St., 1504 Sofia, BULGARIA
E-mail:; website:
For more information follow us on
Facebook: International Triennial of Graphic Arts SOFIA
Instagram triennialofgraphicartssofia

2. With the assistance of:
National Culture Fund, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria,
State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Individuals and entities in Bulgaria and abroad supporting its implementation participate on a contractual basis.
The Ninth International Triennial of Graphic Arts will be opened at all exhibition halls of the UBA’s gallery at 6 Shipka St., Sofia.
The selection of the works for the Ninth Triennial of Graphic Arts – Sofia will take place at 2 stages.


II. Entry conditions

  • The Ninth Triennial of Graphic Arts - Sofia is open to both traditional graphic techniques and all new trends in contemporary graphic art. All graphic printing techniques, including digital, mixed and original techniques, as well as graphic installations without photography and monotype are accepted. There are no restrictions to the maximum size of the works, taking into account the maximum sizes of postal packages (the long side being up to 150 cm). Minimum size of the short side of a printed area – 30 cm
  • Each author can present up to three works created after 2019.
  • Graphic installations or works with nonstandard exposition should be accompanied
    by detailed exposition instructions.
  • The Ninth Triennial’s motto is RE-BIRTH. Return to Importance. This being no mandatory
    theme, we would like thereby to express respect for the achievements and along with this aspiration for renewal and search for new ideas and means of representation in modern graphic culture.



  • Stage I: Online registration: by 10 October 2023
  • Online selection: by 20 October 2023
  • Stage II: Sending original works and fee payment: by 10 November 2023
  • Announcement of stage II results: by 25 November 2023
  • Presentation at the Triennial and announcement of awards: 1 December 2023 / 31 January 2024
  • Return of works and sending catalogues: by 31 December 2024.


III. Stage I. Digital selection

  • Electronic registration will be available on the UBA’s website
  • During the registration process each author should correctly fill in the information the organizers need in the setup registration form with required fields. In order to successfully complete their registration, each participant will have to attach highquality photographed or scanned (for CGD – directly formatted) files of the works they want to present themselves by, as well as the option to add a short CV (up to 150 words in a text file or directly in the registration form).
  • Files in JPG, TIFF (with LZW compression) or PDF format with maximum good quality will be accepted since they will be used for the production of the printed catalogue.
  • A participant’s name, title and technique should be entered in the name of each of the files in the following order:
    Last name, first name, serial number, title, technique, year of creation, print size in cm
    (height x base):
    Example: Ivanov_Ivan_1_Moon_lithography_90_60
    File size: (IMAGE SIZE): (Towards the longest side) - No more than 3400 pixels, no less
    than 2400 pixels. IMAGE MODE – RGB Color.
    JPEG Options – Quality 12.
    (Further clarifications will be further specified in the registration form.)
  • Online registration will be active from 17 July to 24.00 h on 10 October 2023 on the Triennial’s website where a registration guide will also be consistently described.
  • The results of the preliminary online selection will be announced on the Triennial’s website by 10 October 2023.


IV. Stage II. Sending original graphics

  • Authors passing the first stage of the selection should send the originals of the same graphic works approved by the selection jury. A change in size, technique or a new work will not be accepted for entry and will be disqualified.
  • The works should be accompanied by a filled in and signed form. A corresponding label should be stuck in the lower right corner on the back of each graphic.
  • Recipient’s address: IX INTERNATIONAL TRIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC ARTS - SOFIA 2023, UBA, 6 Shipka St., 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Deadline of receiving the works in Sofia: 10 November 2023. The works of those wishing to submit them in person will be received on 10 November 2023 at UBA, 6 Shipka St., Sofia. Graphics will be sent unframed, without mount, in packaging fit for transportation, which will also be used for their return, with the mandatory inscription
  • Organizers will not bear the cost of any possible customs fees or insurance fees for the works, as well as the responsibility for any damages occurring during their transportation.


V. Jury

  • A selection jury will decide the final collection by 25 November 2023 and an international jury will decide the awards immediately before the Triennial’s opening.
  • The jury’s decision will be announced on the Triennial’s website. Authors will not be notified in writing.


VI. Awards

  • An authoritative international jury will decide the following awards, which will be announced during the Triennial’s official opening ceremony:

Grand Prize - Euro 3,000
Three equal value awards - Euro 1,000 each
Young Artist Award - Euro 500
Sponsor awards

  • The jury will reserve the right to transform the number and amount of the awards within the prize money.
    The Grand Prize winner will receive an invitation for a solo exhibition during the next Triennial. The award-winning works will become property of UBA for the stock of the International Triennial of Graphic Arts - Sofia.


VII. Catalogue

  • Organizers will publish a printed catalogue.
  • Each participant will receive a free copy.
  • Organizers will have the right to reproduce any work for publication in the catalogue, for archive or for any purposes related to activities promoting the Triennial.


VIII. Triennial’s stock

The Triennial creates a stock of works by Bulgarian and foreign graphic artists, whereby exhibitions are arranged in the country and abroad. The graphic stock is formed by award-winning and donated works at each successive Triennial.


IX. Entry fee

  • No fee is required for Stage I.
  • Originals approved for sending should be accompanied by a bank transfer guaranteeing the cost of their return and sending of catalogues (for Bulgaria - BGN 50; for all other countries - Euro 50). Bank transfer charges will be at the orderer’s expense and will be received by a bank transfer to the following coordinates with the following text:

9. Triennial of Graphic Arts - Sofia 2023

  • When selling a work organizers will deduct 25% of the stated price.
  • The entry fee should be paid no later than 10 November 2023.
  • Payment methods:
    a) Bank transfer to the specified account
    b) Revolut
    c) Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Money sent by letter or package will not be accepted. Checks are not accepted.


X. Return of works

  • All works (excluding award-winning, donated and bought ones) will be returned at organizers’ expense no later than the end of 2024.
  • A change of address should be communicated by the author to organizers in writing. In case a package is returned due to an incorrect address resending will be at the author’s expense.
  • Works that do not meet the sizes and requirements of Bulgarian Posts can be collected
    by the authors in person or sent by courier at the author’s expense.
  • Works not collected and not claimed within 3 months after the end of 2024 will become part of the Triennial’s stock.


Online registration

Valid formats - png,jpg,pdf,zip до 2 mb of files. Maxilum size of all files together 50 mb.