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September 1 – 20, 2018
City Park, Sofia

This project presented 32 digital prints of emblematic works and authors included in the 120 Years Bulgarian Art 3-volume book series. In the Sofia City Park, the the people and the visitors of Sofia could make a virtual journey through the years and enjoy some of the best achievements in Bulgarian fine arts, decorative-applied arts and design.

“The 120 Years Bulgarian Art: Open Air Gallery” was another initiative of the UBA program and the SAB Foundation for promoting Bulgarian art and its creators, and for the socialization of Bulgarian cultural heritage.

The selection was based on a representative sample from the 120 Years Bulgarian Art book series: 120 Years Bulgarian Art: Unions, Societies, Groups, 1892 – 2012 on the development of painting, sculpture, graphic art and the contemporary visual forms; 120 Years Bulgarian Art: Applied, Decorative, Monumental; 120 Years Bulgarian Art: Design, which look into the history of Bulgarian art and its numerous manifestations in late 19th and early 20th centuries.